Pointe Helbronner

Imposing white peaks surround us as we slowly get higher. We leave the spring weather behind and make our way to the kingdom of perennial snow and ice, towards the 3000 metres of our destination. 3462 metres above sea level. We’re on the Monte Bianco Skyway cable car, on our way to Pointe Helbronner. And we’re about to see something that will make us more deeply understand the meaning of our expedition.

The fourth outing - Bocchetta D’Aurona - Passo del Sempione

A sunrise marks the start of this fourth adventure at high altitude with Methodos.

This time, with the sad awareness that summer is really over: at 6 in the morning when many of us were heading towards the meeting point, the city is still dark. The days are getting shorter, and this opens a new chapter of the adventure – winter outings, though the snow and ice. But for now, that’s not the point. In fact, judging by the unlikely Milanese heat, we’ll have a beautiful day of hiking.

The third outing – Mont Fallère

Third leg of the journey: we reach 3000m for the first time! Two days in the mountains of the Aosta Valley: leaving from Vetan to reach the Fallère hut. This path crosses an open-air museum with wood sculptures that are perfectly integrated into the landscape. After an evening at the hut, we head towards the peak of the Mont Fallère, trying - for the first time - a via ferrata. It was a day of great emotions and, at the top, a fantastic view of the Monte Bianco!

The second outing

Getting higher in this second preparatory outing.

2559 m – The Ponti hut in Valmasino: the Predarossa Valley (Sondrio) is the frame for this new test of our effort, courage, and desire.

The first outing

Emotion, fun, smiles, mountains: that’s M4810!

Check out the photo gallery of this first Methodos training trip and experience the colours and feelings of the beginning of our new adventure.

The journey




Mont Fallère

Methodos - M4810 - Mont Fallère

Mont Fallère is found in the Grand Combin Alps in the Aosta valley.

Mont Fallère is found in the Grand Combin Alps in the Aosta Valley.

Found between the Gran San Bernardo Valley and the Valdigne, it’s a great introduction to the magical world of the 3000s. Mont Fallère, situated in the heart of the Aosta valley, proposes a 360° panorama of all the Aosta valley peaks. Its rather challenging layout is not the be underestimated, but overall it doesn’t present great difficulties, and only in the final stretch of the crest.




Petit Mont Blanc

Methodos - M4810 - Petit Mont Blanc

One of the classic panoramic collective ascents of the Mont Blanc.

The charming basin of Lake Combal, the foot of the Miage glacier, the steep climb of the rocky canyon followed by an easy crest, snowy and icy for the final bit. This is how we arrive to the most accessible peak of the Mont Blanc chain. Here a superb panorama of the range leaves us speechless: particularly the west wall of the Mont Blanc “giant” and the extraordinary glaciers that stud its rugged cliffs.

The itinerary can also be broken down into 2 days.




Vallée Blanche

Methodos - M4810 - Vallée Blanche

Crossing Vallée Blanche on foot

Though it may seem like a “panoramic hike”, the Vallée Blanche should not be underestimated in how much it constitutes a trek entirely on ice and with delicate passages through its crevices. Hikes must be accompanied by a mountain guide that knows the route very well and can read the dangers it may pose.




Monte Rosa

Methodos - M4810 - Monte Rosa

2 full-immersion days of technical alpine skill training on Monte Rosa

The Monte Rosa is a mountain range that is found in the Pennine Alps, along the watershed line between Italy (on the border of the Aosta valley and Piedmont) and Switzerland. It gives name to the Monte Rosa Alps supergroup, which in turn is composed of various important groups and subgroups, east of the Cervino and south-east of the Mischabel range. It is the most extended range in the Alps, and second in height after the Mont Blanc. It is the highest mountain in Switzerland and the second in Italy, and has the highest average height, containing 9 of the 20 highest peaks of the chain.




Gran Paradiso

Methodos - M4810 - Gran Paradiso

The Gran Paradiso is the only mountain over 4000m that is fully on Italian territory

The Gran Paradiso is the only mountain over 4000m that is fully on Italian territory. A classic and fascinating climb: after a first part on ice, to be able to reach the peak marked by a statue of the Virgin Mary, you must pass some simple rocky crossings.




Monte Bianco

Methodos - M4810 - Monte Bianco

Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco in Italian) is a mountain situated in the North-occidental Alps, in the Graian Alp range, on the watershed line between the Aosta valley (val Veny and val Ferret in Italy), and Haute-Savoie (the Arve valley in France), in the territories of Courmayeur and Chamonix, which give name to the Mont Blanc Massif, belonging to the subsection of the Mont Blanc Alps.

It’s 4808,72m (the last official measure was taken September 13, 2017) make it the highest mountain in the Alps, in Italy, in France, and in general in Europe if we exclude the Caucuses. This is why it’s called the King of the Alps. It shared a spot on the list of the highest Seven Summits with Mount Elbrus in the Caucuses.

Primarily granite full of peaks and crests, cut by deep glacial valleys, it is internationally renowned for its climbing and, from a historical point of view, the birth of mountaineering coincides with its first ascent: August 8, 1786.